Friday, 29 August 2014
Modi Joins Hand with Flipkart !

Online retailer Flipkart is all set to provide an online marketing platform to handloom weavers in the country. The Ministry of Textiles on Monday signed an MoU with Flipkart to provide online marketing platform to handloom weavers - an endeavour to boost the handloom sector, empower weavers and boost manufacturing in the country.

[Image Courtesy-The Logical Indian ]

Earlier this month, Flipkart signed an MoU with the Ministry of Labour and Employment's Directorate General of Employment & Training ( DGET), aiming to train at least 5,000 students by December. Flipkart joined hands with the government to train people from semiurban and rural areas and possibly employ them at the company or its business partners.

Source:The Economic Times

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Thursday, 28 August 2014
Tech Curiosity 65

1.This is a screenshot from the site '' . What is it all about?

Ans:A free and open web around the world.

2.Name the famous author of this book.

Ans:Tim Berners Lee

3.This is a Screenshot from the W3C which is run by Tim-Berners-Lee.Fill in the blanks.

Ans: Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf

4.What's the funda?

Ans:Mozilla's Protest against SOPA/PIPA.

5.He is Charles O Rear a photographer posing infront of the Napa Valley.What's the funda?

Ans:He clicked this famous photo(The world's most viewed) while on a ride through Napa Valley with Bill Gates .This appears as one of the Windows XP screens.

6.Identify the advertiser.

Ans:Yahoo Mail

7.This was the layout of the idea put into paper by the founders of which popular service?


8.This is the visiting card of which famous personality.(Hint:Once was in the 'Wanted' list of US Marshals)

Ans:Kevin Mitnik

9.Why is the lady wearing this weird cap?

Ans:She is a newbie at Google , hence the Noogle Cap.

10.Identify the privileged machine that got a chance to play football with Barack Obama.


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TCS Rural IT Quiz Nagpur 2014


An interesting Theme of Android unfolded with totally different rounds. A moderate one for new beeies and really easy for the pros. Here are the Prelims questions :

1. Which Programming Language was developed under the name of "Project Green" at Sun Microsystems?

Ans : Java

2. oculus rift was acquired by which giant?

Ans : Facebook

3. Creator of this famous OS wanted to name it as "Freax". How we better know it today?

Ans : Linux

4. Pi is table from which company? 

Ans : Infibeam

5. is acquired by which e-commerce giant?

Ans : Flipkart


Ans : Bomb Gaza

7. ID

Ans : Ursula burns

 8. His name is Garrett Camp. What did he find?

Ans : Uber 

 9. ID the company with this bunny as its mascot?

Ans : Xiaomi 

 10. Lumia range of smartphones are developed by? 

Ans : Nokia

 11. It was going to be named as "Lotatron","semi conductor diode:, "crystal diode", but it was named something else. What are we talking about? 

Ans : Transistor

12. Expand ENIAC
 And : Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
13. A question on tata sky about it transmit it signals from INSAT satellite and its address was given. 

14. Which company would you link him to?

Ans : Microsoft. 

 15. Yahoo has partnered with which company to help Yahoo Mail users to attach files quickly?

 Ans : Dropbox.

16. Identify the advertiser.


17. ID

Ans : Android Kitkat 

 18. ID

Ans : Snapchat. 

 19. Which company?

Ans:Shantanu Narayen , Adobe CEO

20. Identify the service.


Cutoff was 15

We thank Vrushabh Gudade for providing us the questions. 

Winners: Kaivan Doshi  & Dakshak Nagrale.

Kaivan is a content creator for Dork's Corner too.

What the champ says:

"DC helped a lot to win. Not just tech quizzes but all...just referring dorks corner with some Mashable can make you win the quizzes easily...DC helped me a lot...I thank DC and it's awesome admins for providing with all the help. "

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Monday, 25 August 2014
An Ice Bucket Challenge from Galaxy S5 !

It was all a game for the humans , wasn't it? Atleast that is what we thought it would be.Well ,  after the mortals did their bit to raise awareness about the British Motor Disease ALS , enter the machines to spread the word too.

Wondering what shit am I talking about?
This ain't any shit though , its awesomeness brought into effect by Samsung as they tweeted a video that shows the Galaxy S5 taking the Ice Bucket Challenge  and then challenging its rivals to take the same.
The witty video was the best Samsung could have done to promote S5's water resistant feature.

Watch this icy video to know who were challenged!

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Sunday, 24 August 2014
Tech Curiosity 65

1) The chip, or processor, is named X and was developed by researchers at Y.Inspired by the architecture of the brain, scientists have developed a new kind of computer chip that uses no more power than a hearing aid and may eventually excel at calculations that stump today’s supercomputers.Identify X and Y.
Ans:X-TrueNorth Y-IBM

2) It was a design by Simon Oxley, a British graphic designer living in Japan. After X launched in 2006, the team bought its first logo for about $15.Identify X and what's being talked about here.
Ans: X-Twitter .

3) Identify the chip.

Ans:IBM TrueNorth Chip

4) What is special about these twitter users "(@everyword),(@TwoHeadlines)(@pentametron), (@redscarebot)&(@Horse_ebooks)?"
Ans:These are all Twitter bots.

5) Connect it to IT!

Ans:Microsoft website  in 1994.

6) Scientists from the Queen Mary University of London have developed a device called "X," which is made of plastic sprayed with a sheet of tiny zinc oxide rods that generate electricity when squashed or stretched, thus building an alternative power sources.
The researchers, in partnership with Y, said that these sheets can be produced cheaply and generate five volts of electricity, the same as most phone wall chargers. Identify X and Y.
Ans:X-Nano Generator Y-Nokia

7) X looks like your regular baseball cap, but features a Bluetooth module, microphone and speakers built into the corners of the cap just above the peak.
The wearer can make and receive calls, respond to texts and emails and control music, with a button panel on the side to operate volume and pairing. Identify X.
Ans: Snaptrax

8) Identify the game and its creator!

Ans: Swing Chopers , Dong Nguyen (also the creator of Flappy Bird)

9) Identify the device ( Full name please!)

Ans:Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.

10) “The X is the most advanced NOOK ever, delivering the great NOOK experience our customers have come to love, with the high-performance tablet features they’ve asked for,” said Michael P. Huseby, Chief Executive Officer of Y, Inc. Identify X & Y.
Ans: X-Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Y-Barnes & Noble
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Friday, 22 August 2014
Tech Curiosity 64

1.Which device has been jointly developed by the R&D wing of DRDO and IdeaForge a Mumbai based private firm?
Ans:DRDO Netra

2.Founder of an entity that is dubbed as the 'Russian Google' , died after cancer last year at the age of 48.Who is this famous person?

Ans:IIya Segalovich

3.Started with a budget of £40000 by Robert Small and Tihan Presbie,this is a mobile and online games company launched in 2001 and is the world's largest privately owned online gaming website. What?

4.Which famous company is named after this mythical character?

Ans:Asus (Pegasus)

5.He is the CEO of Zensar.But also holds a prestigious post , what? Name him.

Ans:Ganesh Natarajan , Chairman of Nasscom.

6.This is a product by which company?Why is it important in the history of technology?

Ans:IBM , first Smartphone

7.The X, is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on one's head or donating to Y research. It went viral throughout social media during recently.Its been done by the likes of  Bill Gates , Mark Zuckerberg ,Sonu Nigam, Sania Mirza and many other celebrities.Give me X and Y!
Ans: X-Ice Bucket Challenge Y-ALS (British Motor Disease)

8.Connect the images below.

Ans:Kevin Mitnick
[Film on him + His crime profile + He is the security adviser of KnowBe4 + A Board Member of Zimperium]

9.This is a sequel to which viral game?Name its creator.

Ans:Flappy Bird by Dong Nguyen

10.This book came to limelight recently because of a certain occurrence in the world of technology.What happened?

Ans:Evan Spiegel gifted this book to all snapchat employees after turning down Facebook's acquisition offer.
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TCS ITwiz 2014- Kolkata

A nice and interesting battle unfolded in the Kolkata edition of the biggest Quiz of the nation today. The nerves went up and down in a battle between the home teams and the ones from Jamshedpur , which was swept across by the Jamshedpur fellas.

Here are the Prelims questions :

1.Who has friends named Angela, Ben, Ginger etc and comes from the house of  'Outfit 7'?(Hint:He talks too much)

Ans:Talking Tom Cat.

2.Social Soccer is an app by which company?


3.It named after a Buddhist deity. Which famous Japanese company am I talking about?? (Hint: World Famous camera company)

Ans: Canon

4. This dot com is owned by RPG group. Formerly known as Gramaphone Company of India.Identify.


5.Which company would you associate this logo with?


6.Identify the service.

Ans:Samsung ChatOn

7.Films like The Karate Kid , The Da Vinci Code , The Pursuit of Happyness and more  were all made by Columbia Pictures.Which company owns it? (Hint its a beverage company)

 Ans: Coca-Cola 
[The answer to this was given wrong.The actual answer to this is Sony Pictures Entertainment .Sony Picture Entertainment bought it from Coca-Cola in September 28,1989]

8.Who is he? (Hint:Founder of a famous OS)

Ans:Linus Torvals

9.This company is a part of CBS. It purchased What am I talking about?

Options: BBC, CNET and CNN

10.What has been blanked out?

Ans:Michael Dell

11.Its a book on which Microsoft CEO?

Ans:Steve Ballmar

12.This font's name means a weapon used by Romans is a type of catapult that was used as a siege engine in the Middle Ages. (Hint:Starts with 'T')


13.Identify the popular game.


14.The koobface virus disabled flash plugins on which famous website?

Ans: Facebook

15.What was the name given to the eight employees who left Fairchild Semiconductors and several huge companies later?

Ans:Traitorous eight

16.What was started by the merger of and confinity?


17.Expand Mac as in Mac address.

Ans: Media Access Control.

18.In CYMK, if C stands for Cyan, M for Magenta and Y for Yellow, what does K stands for?

Ans: Black

19.Which computer program was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto?

20.What was initially planned to be named the “bug” by Douglas Englebert after its creation but is now known by a different name? (Hint : We all see it on our computer display screens)

Cutoff was 14.
We thank Adnan and Anirban for giving us the questions.

Watch the Finals video-Youtube Link

Champions-Shadan Kalam & Adnan Azmat
Runner up -Anirban Paul & Mohammed Nafees

What the Champs say-

'Simply the best..... no nonsense!!!! Really very helpful xD'
-Shadan Kalam(Kolkata Champion, 2014)

'Dorks Corner is a great resource for quizzers.It helped me a lot. Keep up the good work.'

-Adnan Azmat (Kolkata Champion, 2014)

'Awesome site...a must visit for those who prepare for TCS IT Wiz '
-Anirban Paul (Kolkata Runner's up, 2014)

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Thursday, 21 August 2014
TCS ITwiz 2014-Chennai

Chennai got a moderate prelim and finals . The finals were a treat to all quiz enthusiasts filled with effort , strategy and knowledge.Overall a good show!

Here are the Prelims:

1. Which IT park is a joint project of TCS realty and TIDCO ? Clue : It is named after a famous mathematician.

2. Which term , used commonly used in the field of computers , is a portmanteau of the words ‘Binary’ and ‘Digit’ ?

3. This writing instrument was used by Egyptians and the Minoans of Crete and was made of Reeds and was later made from metals and bones . This tool is still used in some form in modern day tech . What ?Ans:Stylus

4. ‘Prelude’ is a tanker commissioned by the Shell Oil corporation . It is the largest vessel to ever float the seas . Which company is currently building this ship ? Hint : This company is better known in the field of mobile technology.

5. X is a video game which was designed by Bruce Artwick and was released in 1984 under the Microsoft brand. This game was renamed in 2009 . What game ?
Ans:Flight simulator 

6. X is a sports website which was started in 1994 . It was acquired by ESPN in 2007 . What website are we talking about ?
Ans:ESPN Cricinfo

7.  X was an ancient form of Library which was one of the biggest of the world at that time. The name of a famous website was derived from the name of this library . The website’s main function is to rank other websites according to their traffic data . Name the website.

8. In 1971 , Michael Hart obtained 10,000 $ and used it to start a project which went on to become really famous. The project had something to do with preserving books. Name the project .
Ans:Project Gutenberg

9. Which Travel Coordination company started a initiative to provide users who requested it , a chance to play and cuddle with kittens for a period of 15 minutes ?

10. Before she joined Facebook , this person was the Vice-President of global online sales and operations at Google. Before Google , she served as the chief of staff for the United States Secretary of Treasury. Who ?
Ans:Sheryl Sandberg

11. Which software tool was created by Macromedia in 1997 and was maintained by them until the company was acquired by Adobe in 2005 ?
Ans:Adobe Dreamweaver

12. In order to encourage Indian users to use this website’s resources more , the website hired Mithun Chakraborthy to be their ambassador ? What are we talking about ?

13. X is a social networking website which is headquartered in San Francisco , California . It was acquired by  Tagged in December 2011 . Which website ?

14. This game was created by Dong Nguyen and was a massive hit around the world . It was removed from App Stores in January . What game ?

15.Identify the game.


16.This is the app of which social networking site?


17.This book is based on what in the world of technology?

Ans:Moore's law

18.This Company has created an app which tells you the fares of a specific vehicle from place to place in Chennai . What vehicle ?

Ans:Auto Rickshaw

19.The person depicted in the above photo was the designer of the first version of an iconic logo . ID him .

Ans:Ronald Wayne (Apple logo)

Cutoff was 15.
Courtesy: Arjun Aravind &  Chennai Quizzing

Watch the Finals Video - Youtube Link

Champions-Abhinav S & Arjun Aravind
Runner up - S. Seetharam & Samyak Jain 

What the Champ says-
'Dork's Corner is a nice website.Pretty neat :) ' 
-Arjun Aravind (Chennai Champion, 2014)

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RBIQ 2014 -Decoded


RBIQ i.e Reserve Bank of India Quiz is an all India Inter school Quiz conducted by RBI .The RBIQ 2014 is the third year of the quiz and will be conducted across 60+ cities throughout India.It aims at imparting knowledge about the finance culture through the young wizards.

The quiz is for students of classes 9-12.
-Teams of two.

-Prior registration is required(School's are invited by the RBI).

While the first edition was managed by Brian O'Brain , the second by Greycells.RBI has roped in Greycaps headed by the most loved Quizmaster Pickbrain to conduct this year's event.


The quiz as mentioned above is a general-finance quiz , questions focus mainly on India , RBI and the world of finance.

The quiz starts with a written prelims of 25 questions followed by the live stage finals.
The top 6 teams get into the finals (The highest scorer from each school) which has 6 interactive rounds. There are 2 direct rounds and 4 on the buzzer.

Ah! seems tough? Wondering how  should you  prepare for the RBIQ? Sit back , and leave that to us.

Tips to prepare:

Every thing asked in the quiz will be related to India or Finance.Sports persons , Gallantry awards ,Personalities,literature , culture and every other possible topic related to India should be covered. Topics from the finance world for instance Stock exchanges ,terms ,currencies of countries etc should also be touched.

-Be thorough with the facts and trivia related to your state.

This  includes famous personalities,places,cuisine,culture,literature,films so on.

Q)Otto Konisberger was the architect of which fully planned city of India?
Ans:Bhubaneswar (Bhubaneswar edition)


Have a look at the state cuisines of India , you are sure to be asked one from these.
Q)Daal Batti is a famous dish in which Indian state?
Ans:Rajasthan (Bhubaneswar edition)
Q) On Biriyani (Hyderabad edition)

There's a specific round in the finals  called 'The central Bank'.Besides there are questions on RBI governors ,RBI directors,RBI history , Indian currency and so on..

Q)Fault Lines is a famous book written by which RBI Governor?
Ans: Raghuram Rajan (Bhubaneswar edition)
Q)Which RBI director and eminent social activist is behind the organisation 'SEWA'?
Ans:Ela Bhatt (Hyderabad Edition)

-Indian Banks and Financial terms
Try covering up everything about the banks in India from founders to small trivial facts , this would surely help.

Q)India's International Bank is the tagline of which Indian Bank?
Ans:Bank of Baroda(Bhubaneswar Edition)
Q)Which Bank after partition returned every single penny to its Pakistani customers ?
Ans:Oriental Bank of Commerce(Bhubaneswar edition)

Financial terms like bullion ,mortgage ,Forex etc have been asked about in the regional editions of the quiz.

Sources to refer:
-Wikipedia  -RBI Website 

Links to Business and General quiz sets made by us
 -Gen Quiz  -Biz Quiz

You could share the questions of your respective editions .Write to us if you have any queries , would be happy to help. 

Disclaimer: The tips given above are based on our analysis of the questions , following them or not, is at your discretion.

For more queries mail us :
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014
Tight Tech 8

Q1. This fictional character originated as a internet meme created by "Something Awful" forums user Eric Knudsen in 2009. His stories commonly feature him stalking, abducting and traumatizing people. This charactrer was again revived in 2014 when two 12-year-old girls in  Waukesha, Wisconsin allegedly held down and stabbed a 12-year-old classmate 19 times and when questioned later, they reportedly claimed that they wished to commit a murder as a first step to becoming his "proxies." Who am I describing? 

Ans:Slender Man

Q2. Google has always been known for their extreme love for numbers. When Google launched its IPO in 2004, a total of 19,605,052 shares were offered at a price of $85 per share. Of that, 14,142,135 were floated by Google and 5,462,917 were held by stockholders. Why did Google float that specific number of shares? 
Ans:1.4142135 is the value of square root of 2

Q3. He is Lamar S. Smith, a U.S. Representative (Republican) for Texas's 21st congressional district, serving since 1987. He has introduced many bills in the parliament like Space Launch Liability Indemnification Extension Act, STEM Education Act. However he is best known for introducing a bill which drew huge protests and criticism from the world. Which bill am I referring to?


Q4. It is a well known fact that Neil Armstrong's first words from moon, "That's one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind," were transmitted from a Motorola device. Along with this Motorola Radio, the Apollo 11 astronauts carried a number of cameras for collecting data and recording various aspects of the mission. Which company produced these famous cameras?


Q5. Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller's book, "Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of X" states that Steve Jobs reportedly told X's President George Bodenheimer that, "Your phone is the dumbest fucking idea I have ever heard ". However the company behind this phone didn't think the same way until the phone turned out to be a big failure. ID X or equivalently the company.


Q6. Dennis Coles is an American rapper critically acclaimed for his loud, fast-paced flow, and his emotional stream-of-consciousness narratives. His albums  Ironman,  Supreme Clientele and FishScale have been huge hits in the music industry. However he is somehow related to the world of tech. How?

Ans:Ghostface Killah, Ghostface Chillah, Snapchat

Q7. Every year this CEO sets some sort of challenge for himself. In 2009, he vowed to wear a tie to work every day to show he was serious about X's growth. In 2010, he tried to learn Mandarin. In 2011, he vowed to eat animals only if he had killed them himself. In 2013 his challenge was to meet a new person outside of X every day. Give me X and the weird CEO.
Ans:Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Q8. Connect. (You are still answering a tech quiz!)

Ans:MASJID-AL-HARAM, Sistine Chapel, Staples Centre are all powered by Bose

Q9. It was originally formulated by Nathan X in 2005 during a debate on about evolution, and referred to creationism rather than all fundamentalism, but has since been expanded. This law states that “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humour, it is impossible to create a parody of fundamentalism that someone won't mistake for the real thing.” X or the law please!

Ans:Poe's Law

Q10. This is perhaps the most famous issue of the "Popular Electronics" magazine published way back in 1975. This brought a revolution in computing when X showed this magazine to Y and they started a company Z. If you know Z, you surely know X, Y. Hence Z please!

Ans: X- Paul Allen, Y- Bill Gates Z-Microsoft
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